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What are fake news?

fake news plakat eng.png

How to recognise fake news?


We check the truth of the article by:

- checking the reliability of the source and the author of the news,

- check the date of publication,

- paying attention to emotions, especially negative ones, used by the author of the article,

- reviewing information on other sources. a picture or video was taken out of context,

- we need to pay attention to the grammar and vocabulary used in the article,

- consider how real this story can be, it can be adapted for the purpose of gaining more views, - when reading fake news, critical thinking about the article is key let’s think and ask ourselves questions.

When we come across false information, we MUST NOT:

-share or spread direct links from this news, -like, share or comment on the post, as this gives the fake post attention and inadvertently doing exactly what the creator of the post wanted.

You must:

-report it

What to do if we come across fake news?

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